Grands vins de Bourgogne
Old vines, comfortably installed on the beautiful and steep slopes of the Rock of Vergisson, roots in solid chalk, cultivated with respect of their nature, searching for the appropriate expression of a terroir and a vintage. But the Domaine Eric Forest is much more than that….

Le domaine

Managing the vineyards that have been passed on from father to son for eight generations, I produce five exclusive vintages of Pouilly-Fuissé, Saint-Véran and Macon-Vergisson on plots of vines planted between 1930 and 1979.

My grand father, who possesses a vast knowledge in nature and biodynamics, has greatly infuenced my approach to wine making.To maintain the highest level of accuracy, I realize all the work manually.

I prune the plants in a manner to allow for the vines to have ample ventilation thus minimizing the need to use phytosanitary products.I combat any other plant species with an environmental approach by carrying out extra plowing to sustain the soil and to encourage the roots to absorb the rich qualities held within the terroir. The grapes are hand picked and gently pressed. Here begins the winemaking process.

The wine stands on its lees for ten to fifteen months inside oak barrels with reduced doses of sulfites. The wine is then personally bottled using gravity and often unfiltered.As a passionate winemaker, I bring the utmost care and attention to all stages of the winemaking process, a personal commitment to deliver the high standards representative of my terroir.

Mes vins

Pouilly-Fuissé "La Roche"

This magnificent plot, planted at an altitude of 401 meters, will not be upgraded to 1er Cru!
The road that borders this vineyard at an altitude of exactly 400 meters is an administrative limit …
No matter; from this very calcareous soil in the basement of cracked rocks of the Bajocien and in the south-eastern exposure, I extract the most expressive grapes of Vergisson.
The saline minerality and lemony nobility of great Burgundy. A great wine to keep

Pouilly-Fuissé « Les Crays »

“Les Crays” is a terroir of limestone scree on blue Pliensbachian marl. This south-facing slope of the Vergisson rock, very bright and protected from the cool north wind, produces fatty wines with chiseled minerality and revealing rich and multiple citrus aromas. This cuvée is harvested on several plots planted between 1930 and 1966 forming 2.16 hectares in total.

Pouilly-Fuissé « ÂME Forest »

“L’ÂME Forest” is the blend of my four cooler terroirs by their East and North exposure: The marls of “La Côte” give the powerful and mineral structure as well as the length in the mouth, while the clay-limestone of the “Tilliers” “And” Le bois Rosier “bring finesse with notes of citrus and stone fruit. As for the old Carmentrants vines, they add fat and depth. The soul of this cuvée is born from a perfect balance of these plots planted by André my grandfather, cultivated by Michel my father, and taken over by Eric in 1999.

Pouilly-Fuissé "24 Carats"

This micro cuvée is the blend of the best 3 or 4 barrels from my cellar. It is not produced for every vintage.

Mâcon-Vergisson « Sur la roche »

This shallow terroir of ferruginous decalcification clays is crossed by roots which are implanted in the calcareous bedrock of the Bajocian.
This rock slope at an altitude of 400 meters is facing north-east on a gentle slope. It produces a fresh and mineral wine, finely saline and of great precision.

Saint-Véran « La Renommée »

This very steep slope of the rock of Vergisson is an extension of “Les Crays” on the bottom of the valley. It is a very hot limestone terroir, sheltered from the winds and roasted by the sun. This gourmet wine is full and round.

Saint-Véran « Terre Noire »

Century-old vineyard on the southern slope at the top of Davayé. Dark, draining clays are found over 60cm on the surface, while below there is only white limestone fractured rock. The tiny grapes give an extremely concentrated Burgundy.

Mâcon-Pierreclos « Le Clos des Charmes »

This geological unit of which I have a monopoly is planted with almost century-old vines for the most part. It is a large Chardonnay terroir facing south and made up of clays and colored marls on the limestone rock outcropping. Very great, rich and vibrant wines.



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